Friday, March 16, 2018

Kenny's Make A Wish (part 1)

I have finally gotten my act together and decided to blog about Kenny's Make A Wish trip to Disney.
It was a couple years in the making...going back and forth as to what his wish should be. We had to be his voice, since he cant tell us himself. We were going back and forth between a celeb wish to meet Barry Gibb. I know that sounds weird, but ever since Kenny was a baby, he calmed right down and loved listening to and watching Andy Gibb and the Bee Gees on You Tube.
After we started the ball rolling with this wish, we felt that it wouldn't be THE wish of all wishes that he'd we changed it to going to Disney.
It was truly magical!
We really did pick the right wish for him (yay)!
Two weeks before the trip, his granters had a reveal party at our house with our family and friends.

 We were all nervous about the plane trip, since most of us either has never flown, or haven't flown in over 20 years...but, nothing that a little Dramamine couldn't fix!
The day finally arrived.
We packed everything...and then some. Making sure we had all of his meds and supplies...oh...and his Baby Kenny...of course! Then the time came when the limo bus pulled in...
 The driver was so nice to all of was a very fun and exciting ride to the airport.
Got to the airport and before we boarded, we were given the royal treatment. Got first to board...and Kenny even got to meet the pilot and crew...who gave him a present.
 and we were off...
We had a layover in Chicago...and then we made to Orlando around 9 at night. It was a very tiring yet excitingly long trip...but we finally made it...and OH SO EXCITED!
When we got to Orlando, we were met by a greeter from Give Kids The World...his name was Jack (its funny, because he reminded us all of my dad...who goes by Jack) 
It was dark by the time we got to the GKTW, so the next morning, we were so excited to see what our villa looked like. Oh...MAW even provided a 15 passenger van for our family!
We all fell in love with the double villa they provided for our big family! Because it was late at night when we arrived, they had food waiting for our family! It was a perfect start to a perfect wish trip!

Part 2:  To Be Continued...

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