Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ginas 8th Birthday!

8 years since I gave birth to my 8th and last child...our Gina!
 Oh what a ride it has been with this perfect gift from God. The pregnancy that I had with her was a one of the easiest...not mentally or emotionally, but physically...perfect. I carried this little one for 36 weeks and was able to take her home with us right away! No NICU stays or anything! Since that day 8 years ago, she has made this crazy ride called life, just that much easier to deal with. The love that radiates from this gentle soul is profound. She quiet, but when she does'd think you were talking to a much older kid. She funny, loving, and is just so different from all my other kids...and I love every bit of her! My daughter, the one who up until she was 5, saw many spirits...and made sure I knew about them...yeah...thanks kiddo for being the ghost whisperer! GAH!
My daughter whom stands in the sidelines a lot of the time, knowing that Kenny is a handful and takes up much of any extra time that is available. She is my big helper, Kennys buddy whom he hates when she's not around. She is just a great little being whom I am so thankful for.
She loves sports...not to an amazing player of all. She can crank out a baseball better than most. She's not afraid of any ball coming right at her (baseball & football). She can play basketball and shoot 3 pointers like crazy and throw and catch a football from across the field!

So...its only fit to throw her the birthday of her dreams...a Cavs party!

With the help of my "sign guy" hubby, I took the picture and he created this poster that is in our house for all her friends and family to sign! I love the way it turned out!  We made stickers for the goodie bags and bought everything in gold (or yellow) and burgundy (or red).
This is one party I am excited for. She never had her own party, so today is very special for her! I cant wait!!! 
 Gina's first birthday 
So, with this, I want to share the poem that I wrote to her a year after I had her:

The Rainbow After The Storm
by Michele Tomecko
A rainbow is a gift, a sign all will be good...
It's that joy after a storm, that is sometimes misunderstood.
God gave us a rainbow for our family to cherish...
One when all hope and faith was ready to perish.
These last two years have been such a blessing,
They have healed the wounds, really has been the dressing.
Thinking back on everything and what this has meant...
The walking, the talking, and encouragement.
You were given to us for a reason we see,
And only God really knows...he holds the key.
God gave you to us because he felt all our pain...
The sadness, the emptiness....its hard to explain.
Losing a child and then, another so sick,
Hoping and praying...nothing did the trick.
When out of the blue, a test came back...yes
Mommy sat and cried, I didn't want this mess.
I lost a child, why didn't God keep him here...
Why give me another, it seemed so severe.
The thoughts of replacing him was scary and sad,
But God showed me something, I stopped being mad.
I thank God every day that he felt we cope,
A loss and a sick one...we were at the end of our rope.
I wasn't replacing him, I was gaining a child...
Who is strong and resilient yet sweet, caring and mild.
You have help your brother and family to heal...
Our hearts and hope you have quickly come to steal.
Kenny needed someone, his twin couldn't be,
The bond that you created is so special, you see.
Teaching him to walk, to play and to act like the rest...
Honey you simply are truly the best.
Yes we miss our Nick, and nothing will replace him,
But being here with us, has lightened the dim.
Some said we shouldn't have had any more,
But look at our life, its score!
You have opened our eyes that God in in charge,
Our lives are worth living, his miracles...quite large.
So Happy Birthday to you, our gift from above,
You have given us pride, hope, joy and love.
Happy Birthday Gina! Thank you for putting a smile on my face for the last 8 years...and the 8 months before! 

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