Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our end of the year presents for teachers/aides

The last day of school finally showed up. As a mom, I have mixed emotions with this. This day brings a lot of reflection of years past and how my babies are growing up. It also is a day of excitement (and a whole lot of anxiety) for the future! And then you get the whole Not having to wake up at 5 to get them all off to school by 8 thing...which includes a constant repeated phrase of "GET UP, ITS (fill in the time, which is usually said in 5 minute intervals), I'M NOT GONNA WAKE YOU UP AGAIN...YOU'RE GOING TO GO TO SCHOOL WITH WHAT YOU HAVE ON." Then the fighting amongst the kids about the bathroom, the clothing, the couch, the shoes, the lateness to school, the whose sitting where in the car....oh the list goes on and on. So, this is done and not having to worry about for 3 months...YAY. But I have a whole new set of issues for the summer...
We're bored. Do you have any money we can borrow to run up to ____? The whole not helping around the house...OK...the whole...sitting around the house and not helping. LOL.

Then we have Kenny. That's a whole post in itself. I will say that we started the last day of school off with a seizure the night before. It was a focal seizure. He just got really quiet and stared...but it was definitely seizure activity brought on by nothing. He has a cough but no fever or anything else. 

We also haven't heard from anyone pertaining to summer camp for that means...he will be home with us all summer...everyday...with me chasing him up and down the street. I really wanted him to actually have a fun summer without having me chasing after him while he runs into the street towards moving cars or having meltdowns on an hourly basis because he's so bored. This whole "respite" thing...the whole having help for families with a special needs child is a joke. and that's all I'm going to say about this whole situation.

OK, back to the real reason for this post...the last day of school and what I made for the teachers and aides!
Its a "two gifts in one" gift! I bought these plastic wine tumblers
 a few months back knowing that I wanted to use them for something. I mean, having a sign/vinyl graphics guy as a husband does have some pretty fun perks. I was able to create these cute wine tumblers with a cute saying I found online. There was another saying I wanted to went something along the lines of "I've heard much wining this's my turn to start", but decided to go with this one...
I bought 4" house plants from Walmart as well...I knew I wanted to do the whole wine glass thing...but then, I also wanted to do the "thanks for helping me grow" thing as well.
Well, it just so happened that with some pretty colored netting, paper sticks, tape, a printer and quart sized baggies, I was able to make a perfect gift!
 I printed out this saying and taped it to a stick. I added a pretty flower just so it wouldn't look so generic.
I put the baggie inside the tumbler, and the plant (which fit perfectly) into the opening of the tumbler.
Taped the "sippy part/lid" to the bottom of the tumbler and then tied the three different colored netting together and wrapped it around the tumbler to make a pretty bow...
 and there ya go...a 2 in 1 gift that a teacher or many well deserved teachers/aids...well...anyone that has helped your child throughout the school year, can enjoy all year round!

As for the teachers and aides that I made these for...they are 100% top notch. 

Kenny has learned so much this past year. I have tons of praise for these special people in our lives. I am so thankful that they love and care for Kenny as much as we do. If I could give them a million dollars each...I totally would....that is how much I love these people!

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