Thursday, March 3, 2016

I found the right balance...

As my blog post title states I have found the right balance...
The right balance in cleaning and getting in that exercise workout that you might have missed...or if you are like me, did...but then the day began and I started to look around at everything the kids left for me to clean...soooo...that's what I've been doing all day.

OK, before I get to my story let me give you a little background. When we first bought this house 2 years ago, we went out and bought all new things to clean the house. My favorite was my Shark Steam and Spray Mop. With a little press of a button, I knew my floors were totally sanitized and clean. It took me all but 5 minutes to clean the floors without even putting much energy into it....and our floors get NASTY! 
Fast forward to the present time. Because I over-use everything...I mean, I  wash at least 5 loads of clothes a day, sweep and vacuum the floors several times a day...well, you get the idea. When I use something, I wear it out! steam mop decided back in November...yes...way back cr@p out. My twin sis and I tried to fix it while drinking wine. I need not say anything more. It was in the garbage that week. So since then...again, don't judge...I've been using the "wet a towel and wipe the floors" method because I wanted to save up for another steam mop (which still has yet to happen). My husband was sick and tired of seeing the floors always dirty (Kenny's not really steady carrying cups and bowls), so he ended up coming home a few weeks ago with a yarn mop. I actually yelled at him because of it! There was no way on gods green earth that I would ever use one of those...and it ended up in the back of our pantry...
...and now we come to today. I have been stressed out from everything. When I get stressed, I clean and organize...everything. 
I got the pantry straightened out and the floors swept, but the floors I had two options: wet a towel and scoot the dirt off or use the dreaded yarn monster. 

It actually worked. I put my plastic gloves on and went to town. 
This is where my title to this post comes into play!
I found the right balance of cleaning AND exercising WHILE CLEANING! Just get one of these bad boys! Holy smokes, I worked out this morning for a good 60+ minutes and another 25 minutes of upper body and abs (suck in the gut while moving the arms) in my day! Not to mention...
my legs...
Scooting around the floors with a towel...BINGO! I got an hour and a half workout under my belt for today!
So, any one that wants a great workout to make yourself look and feel better...AND get the house clean...go this route! A $2 yarn mop from the dollar store and an old towel!
I owe my hubby an apology for not thinking of me (or me picturing him...picturing me as Cinderella with that nasty mop) when buying a cheap household cleaning item! He was thinking of me all along! I am going to have that bod that I am striving for...well in advance than my goal, thanks to him! 

Clean house...(worked those muscles)...Clean mind (unless...ah...nevermind ;) )!

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