Wednesday, March 2, 2016

a Kenny update...

I really have been very vague and off topic when it comes to Kennys heath and updates...or none at all since sometimes its quicker to post an update or a feeling on Facebook or Twitter as to whats going on...they really need to figure out how to get a blog to post a FB or Twitter update....that would be a very happy medium for me!
So I first want to start this post with all the issues that Kenny is facing still...after almost 9 years of being born at 23 weeks gestation...which claimed the life of his twin brother, Nick....
BPD Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Immune compromised
 is on the Autism spectrum
 Gastroparesis (slow emptying stomach)
is supplementally fed through a feeding tube in his belly (we also give his meds through it)

and a has a rare chromosome abnormality 17p13
Every morning...its the same thing. Kenny has to bring down EVERY doll and stuffed animal and set them up, say goodbye to each one when he goes to school...
then, when he goes to bed...they all have to get set up in his bed.  Its like groundhog day. Today, I just decided to leave them all set up. lol
I have also really getting serious about couponing. I have saved TONS of CASH by just couponing. I extreme couponer, but I do stock up with a good deal when I find one...key is to buy multiple papers and spend a day matching coupons to sales...which I am going to explain more in another post! But in the meantime...I have Kenny "helping" me by cutting the printable coupons (which are really just the ones I don't use...but I can give him something to do and he can work on his cutting/hand coordination skills!
 Shopping to stock up...
We also decided to finally give Kenny a haircut...SO.MUCH.BETTER! 
 As you see, he also got back his hearing aid that he broke...and is loving it. Now if we can just keep him from breaking or losing them!!!!
And...we also decided to end an era...(I'm a little sad, but it was time) to turn in our Green Machine for something that can actually handle the winters up here in N.E. Ohio
A 2007 suburban!!!
Time to have hubby start with the new set of stick figures! haahaa

And on that note...IT has been a crazy year...not much blogging, but with the new year and my vow to do several things for myself...
1)get rid of negative feelings and thoughts
2)embrace life and those in mine
3)accept what comes...
4)make cupcakes, plant amazing gardens, Gloat over my kids and hubby and their accomplishments and make awesome holiday decorations.And draw, paint and craft with the kids more,
5)helping others...which in turns makes me feel better
6)enjoy and make time for my family and friends
7)live to feel human again
8)learn something new every day (even if its just something tiny)
9)get fit and healthy...not lose weight...but gain muscle and endurance (I will not grow old at age 46). At this age, I have decided to not be sad and miserable in my own thoughts and feelings as I am feeling the effects of thinking 46 is getting old. I don't want to have to rely on meds and alcohol to make me happy...working out and lifting weights is an amazing euphoria!
 I did it all through my teens, twenties and most of my 30's...why did I ever stop?! 
10)Update this blog which really needs it
11)Get these kids grown up and ready for life. With one graduating this year and another graduating is crazy!
12)find my dang phone that Kenny took and put somewhere!!!
( say...I FOUND THE PHONE! It was in the bottom of a closet. I found it when I was looking for something else!) 

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