Saturday, May 9, 2015

The March Of Dimes walk 2015

Seven...almost eight years into this journey of being a mom to micro preemies. I say it I'm plural, because I DID have twins born at 23 weeks gestation. My journey took a path of burying a child and having to move forward quickly without having time to grieve. I put forth all my energy towards praying and as much hands on for our surviving twin, Kenny. A Journey that if you are carrying multiples, you pray would never happen...but, as luck had dealt us a bad hand, it sure enough happened.
129 days in the NICU...
Being a mom of a micro preemie has been a hard roller coaster to ride. Never knowing when the next hill or drop will happen. Every runny nose, every blank stare...every simple mundane tasks that we take for granted...that is so hard for Kenny to do. Every time he wants to carry on a conversation and starts to babble using his hand gestures as he "talks" makes me love him just that.much.more, because he really and truly tries. 
Saturday was a long and emotional day of nonstop going. First a cupcake order had to be finished by me...frosting and decorating. Then we went to my sister in laws moms funeral...which was so nice and family oriented. We came back home to get changed, get my cupcake job finished and out the door. phew...tired already. Then we got changed and went to a friend of ours fundraiser. She has Cystic Fibrosis and is in the end stages. She has lived an "as full of life as anyone can with CF... including marriage, a child and living well into her 30's...and now, she and her family are planning her funeral and memorial. She is the strongest, most caring person i have ever met and I'm so sad for her, her daughter and her husband...and all those that she is going to be leaving behind.

Then, On Sunday morning, we walked for The March of Dimes

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