Friday, October 16, 2015

Paper mache project continued...and the yard is transformed!

In my last post, I left off where I coated the pumpkin heads with a asphalt filler and sealer. Yeah, I was having issues with it cracking and then with the paint I am thinking that it wasn't the best idea...buuuut...It is very sturdy.
After allowing them to dry, I got to work with what I love to do...PAINT!
I used acrylic paints...just typical craft store paint. I used a bright orange, a few different shades of brown (light and dark), a few different shades of green, a shocking blue and white. important to know...I used a dry brush method of painting. This way, it captured all the texture of the pumpkins. Basically, you start off with black and you gradually build up the not just slap orange paint on it and call it a day because all the hard work and extra steps to create such a texture-realistic pumpkin head would be tossed aside. Take your time and let the paint dry before adding the next layer.
In these first pictures, I added the blue first, then the first layer of orange and green/brown. remember, the key is to start of darker and get lighter as you build up the layers of color!
This is what final look of my pumpkin heads. Everyone is different as to the color choices...personal preference. I'd love to try one that is more bluish with a touch of year! haahaa
Anyhow, when they dry completely its time to attach them to what I made them for!
The larger one...
 goes on this creature...
 We secured it with screws/washers and wood that we placed inside his head and under his head to keep it from ripping off the neck.
The second head went on a scarecrow type thing. I was going to put a burlap shirt on him, but decided to go for a more "natural' look...
After I got the two main guys set up, I started with all the other props...
I am still not done!
I'm working on a few more "larger" items to place in the massive haunted graveyard, adding more tombstones, spider webs and spot lights!
...again, to be continued!


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