Friday, October 23, 2015

A phone call...never expected...

I'm sitting here at home just doing laundry when the phone rings. I answer it and who is it on the other youngest son, KENNY! He called me from school (with help from his teachers)! He learned our phone number and they let him call home!!! My smile is interrupted with some happy tears!!! This is a huge milestone! For my 8 year old, special needs son to call home...HUGE!
This is one happy momma!
He then brings home and takes this out of his backpack....he is such a proud little boy today!!!
(don't mind the chapped chin...he has a habit of drooling and licking his lower lip, hence the chapped look)
I also finished up another decoration to the yard...
Packaging tape ghost!
Still have a lot more to do...but this is what I have so far!
Today is a good day!

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