Sunday, May 10, 2015

An ode to moms on this Mother's Day

I sit here reflecting back to my first Mother's Day and being a mom...I remember feeling the excitement of being able to finally be able to share this day with my own mom and my Mother in Law...but still question how. I wasn't worthy of the years of experienced motherhood these strong, beautiful and amazing women had. My mom for all my life and when I met my love of my life...his mom whom I was easily able to call mom, meant so much in my life and played a huge role with who I was and the mother I strive to be. On one hand, you got my mom. A working woman...always have been...raising 7 kids. And on the other, my mother in law...a stay at home mom raising 7 kids. I loved seeing the two different yet same ways their love, guidance, dedication to their kids, their husbands...themselves...made them the best they could be without losing their own identity. 
I am now in a new phase of motherhood...a phase with no babies. A phase with a seventeen year old who I am having a hard time realizing that he is right on the cusp of becoming an adult. I cant get over how quickly these 17 years of being a mom as passed! You know, you get told from many seasoned moms to enjoy them while they're young because it goes by quickly....and you just fluff it off like...sure...OK.  But it is true. You are so caught up in the crazy world of diapers, tantrums, feedings, no sleep...etc, but you don't realize that while your doing all this, you, them and everyone around you are also living and growing older. With every diaper change and terrible two tantrum, you are learning a life lesson that will get you to our next phases of life. 
The toddlers grow to become young adults...who, in turn, want to be their own person yet, need their more ways than just love, acceptance, and guidance...which would be just fine with me..but, also to push buttons with teenage tantrums (far worse than terrible twos) to see boundaries, money for items that are no longer the dollar store pickups that would have made them squeal with excitement years ago, and finally...independence. The word that hasn't been used in your vocabulary since before you became a mom! How does one let go of those that you kept under your wing all these years? How did our moms let go to let grow?

I'm not sure when, how or why....maybe it was when I was watching Grease and realized that the movie I idolized when I was 7-8 years old was about teenagers in their final year of high school...almost the same age as my oldest. Yikes. Talk about time smacking you in the face! 

So, for my beautiful and loving mom, my mom-in-law, my sisters, my sisters-in-laws, my nieces, my aunts and cousins, my friends and their moms and also, those who are moms to angels, those who have lost a pregnancy, those who have lost a any age...thank you for sharing this special bond. Thank you for giving yourself...selflessly to your kids, nieces/nephews, grand kids...friends. Thank you for all those days where things didn't go exactly as planned, yet you still trudged through and made it on the other side...even stronger. Thank you for keeping love strong. Thank you for helping those of us who are having a bad day. Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge of whatever we have questions or complaints it baby, toddler, teenagers or even special needs. Thank you for comforting words in times of grief, heartache and sorrow.  Thank you for giving me courage to do this whole "mom", its tough and rewarding all at the same time.
Thank you for the memories of yesterday, the companionship of today and the uncertainty of tomorrow...

Happy Mother's Day

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