Sunday, March 1, 2015

So much to update on! feels so good to finally be updating with some awesomely amazing news! First off, let me start by saying that life has been really good to us lately (knocking hard on wood). There has been no real sickness for Kenny...which is HUGE considering he is usually sick all season long. Minus a few unexplained seizures, hes been pretty healthy! Last week, Kenny had an EEG...still no word on the results...but he was a trooper!
I do have some fun news to share...Kenny is almost potty trained!  I give this huge accomplishment to his teacher! She saw that he was ready when i was so stuck in the same rut, day in and day out. She saw the possibilities when i was burnt out and exhausted. We do have accidents daily, but...just like a 2-3 year old learning to go in the potty, Kenny is doing awesome! We just have to keep in mind that just because his age is 7, his mental age is more of a 2-3 year old...sort of hard to swallow, but true. 
At school and at speech therapy, he is learning many, many signs and is really working on verbally saying, bus, outside, backpack, and names of some family members! He has been wanting to do things on his own...but wants me, his momma to (doing the sign for "help") help him in some way. Yup, the kid is a mommas boy. Yay me (eeek).
As you all know, this winter has been brutal...i mean...tons of snow and record below zero temps....and that means...HIBERNATION for me! So while being couped up in our house, I've been working on couponing (which i took a break after thanksgiving)...and let me tell you...its addicting and actually makes shopping fun...almost adventuristic (if that's even a word)! To spend more than .75 on a box of cereal is crazy to me now! The way to start, is by buying several newspapers with inserts. I belong to a couple of Facebook groups and pages that coincide with some blogs that I'm following...i recommend you doing the same. Now keep in mind, couponing, when you want to stockpile, means you only match up sale items with coupons...only a few items at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. There is a lot to learn, it has taken me about 4 years to finally understand the whole takes me a whole day to just plan, print, cut and organize my shopping trip...but well worth it! I will be talking more about couponing in future posts! 
Ok, back to this winter and my hibernation....Valentine's Day and Pintrest encouraged me to do this:

I am secretly hoping i am creating fun memories for my kids to tell their kids ;)
My Instagram addiction (in which i also have) has taken hold of my daughter, who loves to post pictures of the dinners i have made...

Thatsmygirl!!! Haahaaahaaa

And since we've been doing fairly well with this new house...(i say new, but we've been here almost a year this month), my husband has decided to take the next step in his business...he is going digital! It means that money will be a little tighter (especially since the county keeps raising our property taxes) because of the lease of a digital printer, but it will also mean that he is taking his company into a whole new area of signs/banners/graphics making! You cant make money without taking the plunge...soooo...we are. Many prayers are needed that we can pull this off...its a huge gamble and I've been worried about prayers please. 

Finally, its that time of year...lent...and...cupcake bake sale every Friday at our church. So I'll leave you with an image of the variety of cupcakes from the first fish fry bake sale. Ive been trying to make many different kinds each week so i know which ones are popular. 

This is all to get me prepared for a big event that i will be doing in April (more to come)...

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