Friday, December 5, 2014

Thankful for Thanksgiving, family...friends...and the holiday season

After a really long last few weeks...I finally have a few minutes to sit down and catch everyone up to the happenings of the Tomecko house.
The house is still under decorating stage (and will probably be until Dec, 24th), but this is what I have come up with thus far...
inside, I have wine bottles filled with lights....
doorways with garland and lights...I am in the process of putting little, hanging snowflakes from the dollar store in the hallway here...
the wreath got relighted with green and red lights along with a beautiful beaded snowflake from T.J.Maxx.
We decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with my entire side of the family (minus my parents who were supposed to come, but couldn't travel) I think I made them proud and hosted a grand old fashioned...Kowalczyk family Thanksgiving. Its so weird to think, that because of the love of my parents...all these people were created....Kids, grand kids and great grand!
My twin sister and her family came in....I've haven't laughed so much and hard in such a long time. It was really needed. I actually didn't realize how flatlined I'd become until my sis and I were just hanging out, laughing about we used to do!
There was the turkey bowl in the morning...with kids and parents of my oldest son...followed by Thanksgiving breakfast. Then, as we were working on that...dinner was being put on...
The food was crazy! Two 23+ pound turkeys, 25 loaves of bread for stuffing, 20 pounds of brussel sprouts, 20 pounds of potatoes, 20 sweet potatoes, and so much more!
 My oldest sister doing the honors of carving the turkey...

 It was a perfect Thanksgiving from start to finish. One that I know I will keep near and dear to my heart forever. I love my family and friends!

After a few week of regrouping, semi-relaxing...and more decorating...I attempted our annual family pictures for our Christmas cards! I wont post the actual pictures...but here are some outtakes that I thought were perfect.

We had our share of tantrums and screams...but all in all...I do believe...the shots came out great!
This holiday season has been such a blessing to us.  To be able to get our families together has been the one thing I really wanted. The most important thing in life is love and family...I want my kids to grow up with the fond memories that I have growing up...big parties with extended family...laughing and reminiscing and being close!
I am...we are...very blessed.

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