Monday, October 27, 2014

More of Halloween 2014

On top of decorating the house for Halloween....the younger kids were able to "test drive" their costumes a few days early. I found that Kenny wont wear pretty much his entire vampire costume...including makeup, Gina needs a bigger shirt to be a Ninja Turtle, and that the face makeup used on Kayleigh causes her eyes to burn horribly!
  Our church had a very nice little afternoon get-together of families to celebrate the holiday...TRICK OR TRUNK...or is it Trunk or Treat? Whichever one it is, I have to say...I had more fun decorating our van than an elf working in Santas shop!
 I just love how all the cars were decorated!
 Even though the school was closed this year, I am very thankful that they have kept up with fun activities for those of us families that chose to stay and want to keep the Church and congregation fun, young and exciting!
Happy Fall!

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