Monday, October 20, 2014

A Living Social deal for the holidays

If you are anything like me, you start planning your All these years that have come and gone, I've always used my Pampers Points to get free photo cards from Shutterfly. Well, that is until this year when I finally used up just about all of the needed points to gobble up my yearly tradition of picking out my reward for having a kid, or two...or three in diapers. Nowadays, I just use the wipes considering Kenny gets his diapers through Medicaid.
I'm going through my email and low and behold, I come across one from living social. cards. So I went on the website and to my surprise...they have really beautiful cards! So I decided to give it a shot.
Here is the link. If you're looking for a really great deal (I bought 70 cards for $28), order!!! You only have a few days left!

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