Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A few days before Christmas

A few days before Christmas and all through the house...
all the kids were going stir crazy, not quiet like a mouse.
the stocking were knocked down by the chimney without care...
in hopes that their mom wouldn't notice they were there.

The children were sleeping, snuggled up in OUR bed,
while visions of alone time danced in OUR heads.
Tony at work and three kids in our bed,
just started a night of sleeplessness is what I had said.

When in the crib there rose such a clatter...
I jumped from the bed to see what was the matter..
Just a step away, I got there in a flash
tore open my knee and left a big gash.

The moon shining in through the window at night
added to the turmoil that was my worst fright.
When what to my very sleepy eyes should appear
a coughing, crying Kenny with a breathing treatment so near

With Gina in one arm and Kenny in the other
I knew in a moment that this was a call for their mother (me).
No coffee to drink and the house oh so small...
all kids would be up in no time at all.

Now Morgan! Now, Gina! Now, Kayleigh and Sydnie!
Come on Tony, and Taylor, and Kenny, I plea!
Back to your own beds, on this very hectic night.
Calgon..take me away, take me away, take me from this plight!

And then in a twinkle I heard him come in
My wonderful husband with coffee (and gin) *not really...just had to rhyme "in". lol
As I turned around while crying out loud
my hubby held me tight, made my love for him proud.

Our life has been tough, every year it gets worse
sometime we think that we are under a curse.
The house we must sell in hopes to get by
We want more for our kids, to better we must try.

The cookies not baked, the cards are not out
the wrapping is not done, Oh darn! I must shout!
The music is playing some old classic tune,
seems like the loads of laundry will last until June!

As Christmastime comes, we reflect on the past.
Joy, love and peace with some good health that will last.
remembering those we've lost along the way
We miss and we love you is what we will say.

So even though life isn't so great
I give thanks to our God for giving us our eight!
I give thanks to God also, for family and friends...
I am glad that you're in our lives as this year ends!

Please know in our hearts that you all will always be
this life is about loving and caring you see.
the sickness, the bad luck, the financial strain
is just a short step to everlasting gain.

Even though our lives are busy with way too much strife
I want to be apart of everyone's life.
a true friend, a good wife, and great mommy too...
is what I will strive for, to reach...yes, to do.

From our family to yours, may Gods light shine so bright
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Tim said...

Just beautiful Michele.

Merry Christmas to all of you at the Echo as well.

With all Our Love and Prayers,

Tim, Carey, Taylor, and Will

Anonymous said...

Love Ya Babe. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love Always,
Tony Tomecko

Anonymous said...

I will wish and prey that 11 will bring in better health and furtune for your family. every thursday morning on 97.1 we listen to furtune tellers on the radio. they said alot that 11 is a very lucky very powerful year. and they often say when one door shuts another door opens. as i also struggling to keep my family financial going i believe both of our family will have a good year in 11