Friday, October 28, 2016

I am in awe of my son and his special ed teacher and specialists

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Kenny's wonderful and dedicated teacher at his school. I heard nothing but great things from her...which is what all moms want to hear. Last year, he was having an issue with his behavior...biting and scratching and not listening. Well...this year, he has blossomed! He helps clean, helps with the younger kids in the class, and follows directions...along with really showing the urge to learn as much as possible. With that, she pulled out a book and made him read it to me.
I was so overwhelmed with emotions of happiness, excitement, wonder and amazement, and even shock...that all I could muster up to tell her was that she was like a miracle worker! Seriously...this little boy whom we were told would never walk, talk and be normal...whom they told me would only be half his age reading! What I really wanted to do was jump over the tiny table and chairs, that are just big enough to fit the littlest of school kids, and hug her with all my heart and soul. She along with the others that work day after day to teach these special kids...are just amazing to me! I thank God daily for the teachers and aides that work so hard to get these kids to be as typical as possible...amazing, just simply amazing. To be able to teach a child with special needs is a gift that involve a lot of patience and a love for their job and the kids. They should be paid top dollars in my eyes! Right up there with doctors and those that protect us and serve!

So for all of you that are just starting the journey of a micro-preemie or a child with any form of  disability (hearing loss, apraxia of speech, etc...), brain issue, genetic issue or have been told that you're child will be developmentally is proof that it is possible for a child to learn and grow with the right teachers, aides, specialists and lots of prayers (mixed with some heartache)...
With the recent issues with the school district and the board cutting many teachers, employees, classes and extras...I want you to see exactly why we chose Green Valley Elementary School to send our son to! To think that you want to cut 16 special ed teachers/aides...disgusts me wholeheartedly. You are only hurting the children and families involved...but, I guess...just like everything else in this all comes down to numbers, which is a sickening shame.


JackieG said...

I cried from beginning to end! i just wanted to reach through the computer and hug him! Congratulations to you all! i love you!

Lisa Scaccianoce said...

Happy for both of you :) clap for him please from me ! 👏 🙌 👍